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I am new to excel and I have an assignment where I need to use the data analysis tool to make a summary output chart (for a regression). However I have the newest version of excel and am unsure how to do so. Any help?


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On the Data tab of the ribbon, click Data Analysis (it's near the right edge of the ribbon in your screenshot).

Select Regression from the Analysis Tools list, then click OK.

Click in the Input Y Range box, then point to the Demand data.

Click in the Input X Range box, then point to the Price data.

Under Output options, select Output Range, then point to the cell where you want the output to start from.

Click OK.


@Hans Vogelaar 

Hello, Thank you. I realized that the screenshoti in my original post was actually one from my professor's example. This is what I meant to show: I downloaded the Analysis toolpak but it does not show up on my data tab. 




Select File > Options.

Select Add-ins in the navigation pane on the left.

Click the Go... button near the bottom of the dialog.

Do you see Analysis Toolpak listed?



If so, tick its check box, then click OK.

If not, you still have to install Analysis Toolpak.