Custom Date Format Question in Excel

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I'm hoping someone can help me with this. 


I am trying to create a custom date format that would look like "SEPTEMBER 26 @ 11:59 PM". 

By typing in the following formula "[$-en-US]mmmm d h:mm AM/PM;@" I was able to get "September 5 12:00 AM".

When I made the format the time was 8:58 PM not 12:00 AM, so if anyone knows how to insert the @, get the time right, and make it all caps, I would really appreciate it. 


= Andrea


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@nurkoandrea Try below custom number format.

[$-en-US]mmmm d \@ h:mm AM/PM


Or TEXT() function like

=TEXT(A1,"[$-en-US]mmmm d \@ h:mm AM/PM")



That worked! Thank you very much, but do you also know how to make it all caps?
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If it helps then please mark it as solved (tick mark the answer). In case of formula you can try =UPPER(TEXT(A1,"[$-en-US]mmmm d \@ h:mm AM/PM")). I am not sure about custom formatting to make it caps.