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I have to upload a CSV file to another non Microsoft system and it ask me an specific format for my columns.

I configure my columns as Text and it looks like this:


I save the file with this data and column format (Text).

However when I uploaded the data into the other system it showed an error, so I opened my csv file and I found out that both data and format of my columns has been automatically change (General) and looks like this:



Has anyone found a way to solve this?


Really apreciate your observations

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@daviduribemora1 Do not open a CSV directly in Excel. Import it via the legacy text wizard or use Get&Transform Data, from CSV/TXT. Then you have the chance to explicitly instruct Excel to treat columns as Text or something else. When you open it directly, Excel guesses what you want to achieve and formats anything that looks like a number as a number disregarding leading zeroes as in your case.