Counting the number of celling in a certain timeframe

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I have a sheet where I input the times an alarm for example, happens. I want to count the number of celling during 6am to 12am for example.

I have tried :
=COUNTIFS(September!D2:D1500,"> 06:00:00", September!D2:D1500,"< 12:00:00")


but i get an error:

Formula parse error


can someone help me?

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=SUMPRODUCT((September!D2:D1500>D1)*( September!D2:D1500< E1))

Maybe with this formula. You can dynamically enter the time in cells D1 and E1. 



I have the values in D

Its only one colloum

tried it applying it to my sheet with the cells i have and still get error

Not sure where im going wrong