COUNTIFS function with multiple criteria

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I need help with embedding the COUNTIF function along with the COUNTIFS function.  I have two different criteria that I need to count and add together in the first range and then apply a third criteria from another range to it.  I keep getting the error that I do not have enough criteria to use this function.


=COUNTIFS(COUNTIF(range1, "criteria1")+COUNTIF(range1, "criteria2")), range2, "criteria3")

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I forgot to mention this is for text criteria.
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You can try these formulas.


This worked perfectly, Thank you. My next problem is getting =SUM(COUNTIFS(D4:D23,{"A";"B"} to work with a date range I manually enter. I am trying to find all records with the previous criteria that are due within the next 30 days.
=SUM(COUNTIFS(range1,{"A";"B"},range2, ">="&Sheet1!G2, range2, "<=" &Sheet1!G3))


=SUM(COUNTIFS(C4:C23,{"A";"B"},D4:D23, ">="&G2, D4:D23, "<=" &G3))

Your formula works perfectly in my sheet. In cells G2 and G3 i'd enter the formulas



to automatically update the range of dates.

countifs date range.JPG 

Thank you for the tip. It works perfectly now.