Copy and paste error when posting into new sheet

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Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 16.36.40.pngScreenshot 2022-05-02 at 16.36.47.pngGood afternoon,


I am trying to tidy up my excel doc by copying and pasting data from one sheet to another. However, when I go to save the document I get #REF! error. I am fairly new to excel and cannot figure out how to resolve the issue,


Any tips would be appreciated

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Hi @wfricker1 


the reason for this is, that your source file contains formulas. When you copy parts of it into a new file, these formulas potentially break.


To avoid this, you can just insert the values instead of the formulas:

Copy the desired source table, goto the new file, do a right click in the first target cell and choose "Paste values":



I'm not sure how to perform a right-click on a Mac, I guess you have to hit the Ctrl-key at the same time, but probably you know it better