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Hello, I tried copying Excel workbook info to another Excel workbook of the same file type and the dialog box came up and now no matter if I say NO to changing the name, or say YES to keep the same name, the file will not close or even allow me to close other Excel docs I have open.  What to do? Need help please.  Thank you!

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It could be so many things... please consider that without specific information it would take too much time for anyone in the forum to put themselves out there :).


If I may recommend, include photos with the message. Inserting the file (without sensitive data) would be even better if this is possible on your part. Include information about your Excel version, operating system and storage medium in your message. In this way, you can come up with a solution proposal much more quickly.


At the same time I add some additional information that might help you further. Since I have to guess, the information is without guarantee :).


If it's a name conflict:

go to the 'Formulas' ribbon and there in the 'Defined names' group to the 'Name manager'.


Or...If it’s a incorrect name entry:

The new name will not be accepted if it

    begins with a letter or underscore,

    is a cell reference, e.g. A1 or A123 or XFD21, etc.

    spaces or characters (\, /, *, [, ], :, ?)

or has the same name as another range in the workbook that you want to copy to.


Additional Informations/links:

Troubleshoot why Excel doesn't save changes


As I said, information that might help you.



Thank you for your understanding and patience



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