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 In above screenshot,  my condition was above 300 so I can see rent was highlight and food 350 was highlight. But in large data I want to see only data which is above 300. how to see that data only. 


Please help...

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Here are some examples in the inserted template file for your project.


The easiest solution:

With the left mouse button pressed, select the area from which this formatting should be.

Go to Conditional Formatting

Select "New Rule"

Click "Format only cells that contain ..."

Format cells only with:

Cell value - less than - 300

Click on the "Format ..." button

Opens a new window "Shape cells"


Color white

Press OK until the end


After that, the values below 300 can no longer be seen in all cells, but they can still be totaled.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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Thank you so much sir for reply.
Is there ant alternative way to in large data I want to see only data which is above 300. how to see that data only.
Any alternative way?


You may apply custom number format


In the first row numbers are without formatting, in the second one with format applied as above.

I believe the approach suggested by Mr Baklan is best for you. You don't even need conditional formatting.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,

Yes sir
Your method is also great for easily see to which criteria is less or high.
Thank you so much sir hor helipng me
Thank you so much sir for helping me
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Here is a small example, also with conditional formatting.
Example in the inserted file.
If you go into the blank cells, you will see values in them.
You can change any value to any number.
If any number is greater than 300, the cell will turn yellow when the number below 300 in the cell disappears.
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