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Compile error in hidden module : module1

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I tried lots of things. But, not solved yet. please help.

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This Compile Error In Hidden Module error message usually appears when there are 32-bit add-ins versions of Office that are incompatible with the newer Excel version.

Uninstall all AddIn's and restart Excel, when the error is fixed, activate one AddIn at a time to see which AddIn is the problem.


This error also occurs if you have recently upgraded or saved an Excel file that was created between versions to a different location.

To fix this issue you can run the following (no guarantees :):
Select the file that was incorrectly saved in Excel
Press Alt + F11 to get into the Visual Basic Editor file.
From the Tools menu choose References
Scroll down to Available References Enable and disable anything that starts with MISSING:
Press Alt + Q when all reference errors have been disabled.


Hope I could help you with these information / link.



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

I tried this option. But, What happened? The reference option is not working.

Microsoft Support found the root cause of this problem affecting Excel and Word on my Dad's PC. It was caused by a third-party add-in called 'Sapro Systems WinCalendar v4', though in your case it may be a different incompatible add-in. Fixing it was a matter of disabling the add-in. For Word, they disabled it by finding the Office startup folder and located the add-in file there - they moved the file out of that folder (which disables the add-in). Sorry, I can't remember the exact path of that folder, but it was under a c:\users\[Windows username]\ sub-folder. There would be an option in the Word front-end to access the Add-ins settings screen (similar to what I have described below for Excel).


For Excel, you should be able to access the add-ins as follows:


1. Launch MS Excel.

2. Create a new, blank worksheet (or open any worksheet).

3. In the middle of the title bar of the Excel window, there will be a search field containing the hint text: "Search". In that field, type "add-ins" (without the quotation marks) into that field and hit the 'Enter' key. This will display a menu of search results. In the search results, select 'Add-ins', which will be located under an 'Actions' sub-heading - this option will be shown with a 'cog' icon indicating that it is a settings/configuration option. That option will open the Add-ins dialog.

4. All add-ins will be listed in the Add-ins dialog. If any add-ins are active, then note what they are (so you can progressively enable them afterwards), untick the ticked check-boxes to disable them and click 'OK'. 

5. Close and re-launch Excel. 


If that fixes the problem, then the issue was caused by an incompatible add-in. If you had multiple add-ins enabled initially, then you can use an elimination method by re-activating one Add-in at a time to determine exactly which one caused the problem. 

@MargotK3199 I have been struggling with this error for a while. your method helped me to resolve it instantly.   


I have noticed that this error populate whenever I press an enter key in Excel on laptop version but no error on Citrix version excel.

I had installed an Add-in that was prepared for Citrix enviroment but I had this add-in installed on both Excel versions ( Excel that was part of MS office in laptop and Citrix Excel)

Now I belive this was due to incompatablity issue on both versions. 


Thanks a ton