Compile error in hidden module : module1

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I tried lots of things. But, not solved yet. please help.

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This Compile Error In Hidden Module error message usually appears when there are 32-bit add-ins versions of Office that are incompatible with the newer Excel version.

Uninstall all AddIn's and restart Excel, when the error is fixed, activate one AddIn at a time to see which AddIn is the problem.


This error also occurs if you have recently upgraded or saved an Excel file that was created between versions to a different location.

To fix this issue you can run the following (no guarantees :):
Select the file that was incorrectly saved in Excel
Press Alt + F11 to get into the Visual Basic Editor file.
From the Tools menu choose References
Scroll down to Available References Enable and disable anything that starts with MISSING:
Press Alt + Q when all reference errors have been disabled.


Hope I could help you with these information / link.



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I tried this option. But, What happened? The reference option is not working.