Comments and Mentions - Need to remove owner from receiving email of all mentions

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Does anyone know how to change the settings in an excel spreadsheet to where the owner of the spreadsheet no longer receives all mention notifications ?

Every time I create a comment/mention it generates an email to the owner and the person mentioned.

Need this removed please!!

Thank you ahead of time for any feedback.

Mary Cervantez 


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To do this, you need the file itself to see where and how the settings are made. For example, whether it was set this way with VBA.
Please attach the file (without sensitive data) in order to shorten the time it takes to propose a solution.
otherwise you have to start with the assumptions and rule out everything step by step with the elimination process until you come to the solution.

Thank you for your understanding and patience

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@NikolinoDE , that's built-in functionality. I'm not sure if such settings exists.

Mr. Baklan,
I'm not sure either, but it could be done with VBA.
If I had the file, I would know better

... But if the answer is known by someone with great experience in this forum, like you, then the user can ignore my comment.
I don't have bad feelings as long as the user gets a solution and I learn something new :))

Is just a suggestion to help faster and better.

@MaryCervantez Hi Mary. The person (owner) who is receiving these notifications should be able to turn off notifications for that specific file from within the email notification they receive. In the bottom of the email there should be a toggle switch. Toggling to "Off" will stop the owner from receiving notifications, unless they are specifically @mentioned. Please let me know if the owner is not seeing this toggle switch. Thanks,