Column entries not lining up when under 'show formulas'

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I have a large spreadsheet and some of the data is throwing an error. 


When under Formulas >show formulas > this is my view:



The format is set to number, the alignment is correct, so I'm not sure what I am missing. I copied and pasted as values. 


Its a workbook with 17,000+ entries and maybe 100 are showing like above. When I use the same formula to calculate data further in the spreadsheet, those that are not aligned result in an error. 

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1. What does it look like when NOT in formula view?
2. Which are "off" according to you, the ones that are centered, or the others?
1. When not in formula view, all entries line up, centered. (I have that selected in alignment)
2. The ones that are 'off' are those with the red arrow in the picture, left alignment, sorry its small.

I've also checked and looked into the Data> text to columns and that did not change the error. It appears those that are aligned to the left, will not create an output for the formula I am trying to use as well.
I ended up just copying and pasting onto another black document as values and then pasting as formatting. Still would like to know why that happened if anyone runs across it in the future!
If you select the old values and press F5, special and then select either values or formulas (depending on what is in those cells) and then only check Numbers, what happen?