Close and Load Location Power Query

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I am trying to import data to excel from a json file using power query. The data is accessed, formatted, and placed correctly but every time it places the resulting table in a new sheet. Is there a way to change it so the information is placed in the sheet that was open when I clicked Get Data(Power Query)?


I have seen a lot of answers to similar problems by using "Close and Load to" by clicking on a dropdown menu from "Close and Load" however I have no such menu, just a simple button which opens the data in a new file rather than filling the sheet I wanted.

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@phwilson17 Unfortunately you can not yet set the load location in Excel for the Mac. Close and load will default to a new sheet for each query. You can't even select "Connection only".


But, once the table is loaded, select it and press ctrl-X (cut) and paste it in the location when you want it to be.