Changing default date format for CSV download

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I have a web application that collects information including dates.  I can download the information in a CSV file.  The date value that is collected is stored in the cell with the mm/dd/yyyy format but is displayed as mm/dd/yy.  Is there a way to change the default way the cell value is displayed so that it is always mm/dd/yyyy ?


Here is a link to a screenshot.  Screenshot of CSV file date format (it's also in the attachment)

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Do follow the steps below to permanently change date format

1. Type in Control Panel on your system
2. Under Clock and Region, click on Change date, time or number formats
3. Click on Additional Settings
4. Select Date tab
5. In the Date Formats section, clear what you have there and type in mm/dd/yyyy
5. Click OK and OK.

When you return to Excel and your CSV files, all the date with turn to mm/dd/yyyy

Do let me know how it pans out after following the steps