Can't open file Excel when others share it with view and block download permissions on the mobile

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Hi everybody. I am facing a situation where we do not want others to download our files to our computer, so we have shared with others the permission to view and block downloading the excel file. When the recipient receives the link, it can be opened on PC/Laptop. But when clicking on that link on a mobile device, the error "Can't open file acbd.xlsx maybe file locked or moved, deleted" appears.


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The error message "Can't open file acbd.xlsx maybe file locked or moved, deleted" typically indicates an issue with file access or a problem with the file itself. When you share an Excel file with view-only permissions, it should ideally be accessible on both PC/laptop and mobile devices. Here are some steps to troubleshoot this issue:

1. **Check File Location:** Ensure that the file is stored in a location that is accessible to both PC/laptop and mobile devices. For example, it should be stored on a cloud storage service like OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. If it's stored on a local or network drive that's not accessible on mobile, that could be the issue.

2. **File Format:** Make sure the file format is compatible with both PC and mobile devices. Excel files saved in the .xlsx format are generally compatible with most devices. Check that the file is not corrupted or in an unusual format.

3. **Check File Permissions:** Double-check the permissions you've set for the file. Make sure that you've set it to "view-only" and not "edit" or "download." You should review the sharing settings on the platform you're using to share the file (e.g., OneDrive, Google Drive).

4. **Mobile App:** Ensure that the recipient is trying to open the file using a mobile app that supports Excel file viewing. Many cloud storage services have mobile apps that can open Excel files.

5. **Device Compatibility:** Some older mobile devices or less common mobile operating systems might not fully support all file types. Ensure that the recipient's mobile device and software are up to date.

6. **File Name:** Avoid special characters or symbols in the file name, as these can sometimes cause compatibility issues.

7. **File Size:** Very large files may take longer to load on mobile devices, so if the file is particularly large, this could be a factor.

8. **Try Different Browsers/Apps:** If the recipient is using a mobile web browser to access the file, they could try a different browser or, if available, use the cloud storage service's mobile app.

If the issue persists after checking these points, it might be a specific compatibility problem related to the file, the sharing platform, or the mobile device itself. In such cases, you might need to contact the support team of the platform you're using to share the file (e.g., OneDrive or Google Drive) or provide more details about the file format and the mobile device to receive specific troubleshooting assistance.
Hi @Excelonlineadvisor
thanks for reply my question,
1 - i saved my file in onedrive personal and sharepoint my teams. but i can't open it.
2- this file is a excel file with format is "xlsx"
3 - permission this file is view-only and block download
4 - i have test with iphone 15 and samsung s22 and both can't open file
5- this file just can't open on Mobile Devices. Laptop/PC can open this file
6 - i have test with a file with name abc.xlsx but can't open
7 - file to small (file test just 7KB)
8 - i have tried open with another mobile device install Excel Mobile but can't open