Barcode 128 Issue

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I am having a small issue.

I am using Excel as is from MS365 Apps for Enterprise (exact build version 2308, build 16731.20234)

We are trying to setup an eventual template we can use to automate our internal pick sheets, and get off a custom web based conflagration of mucky code. I have setup the template the way I need, and have tried both the VBA method mentioned at, as well as using the ConnectCode Barcode Fonts Helper availably via office add-ins. I have gotten the code128.ttf font by Grand Zebu at and installed it.


I have a column setup and formatted as text only, this is where the information to be turned into a barcode goes. (AE)


I have a second column which I used for the VBa test of things, which displays the actual encoded dat, with start, atop and check digits in it (AF)


Finally I have a column that if forced to the code128 font, 24pt. (B)


When I put in the data to be encoded, I do correctly get out the encoded data, using the formula '=Code128(AE cell address)'


When I set the B column formula to '=<AF cell address>' all I get is the code for literally that cell address, it is refusing to take the value there and encode it.


Similarly, when I use the ConnectCode, and set B to '=ConnectCode.Encode128Auto(AE cell address)' I get that exact string, it is not taking the value.

If I instead apply the above code to another cell, I get out the encoded value I would get out of the VBA (AF column)

As a test, I tried moving the data to be encoded to column A, but got the same errors. Does anyone have any ideas?

I am testing and comparing the generated Barcodes using a scanner, and barcodes printed out by other aspects of our shops computer systems.






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