Average function Altered when dragging down / drop down

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I am currently calculating averages every five cells:



When I do dragg down / drop down the pattern changes. The arguments within the the AVERAGE function syntax do not folow the pattern of:



Instead they follow the following pattern, and each time I do the drag down / drop down a different pattern appears, like the one below.



Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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@gerald_gl01 That's because you are actually copying three formulas down to the next three rows. The relative row references in the first formula B1:B5 are increased by 3, thus B4:B8. Similar for the other ones. B6:B10 becomes B9:B13 and B11:B15 becomes B14:B18.


You would need to use an OFFSET function that "calculates" the next range of five cells, based on the current row number.


Enter this in C1 and it should work:



@Riny_van_Eekelenit worked thanks to the OFFSET function that you provided! Thanks!