autocomplete stopped working after update

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Office 365 just updated. Now, autocomplete only works for some columns. So if I'm in column A, and typing the exact same text from the cell directly above, the text will suggest autocomplete and I can hit enter and move on. However, in column B, exact same text is never given autocomplete option. If I copy any cell from column A and paste in column B, that cell will now autocomplete. However if I copy and paste only formatting, the new cell will not autocomplete. None of this was an issue until the auto update that happened today after I restarted. Also, this issue is only in existing workbooks.  If I create a new workbook, a cells seem to be fine in terms of autocomplete.

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One thing you could try is to check if the “Enable AutoComplete for cell values” option is turned on. To do this, go to the File tab in Excel and click on Options.

In the Excel Options dialog box, go to the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Editing options section. Make sure that the “Enable AutoComplete for cell values” option is checked.


If this option is already checked and you’re still having trouble with autocomplete, you could try repairing your Office installation.

To do this, go to the Control Panel and click on Programs and Features.

Find your Office 365 installation in the list of programs and click on Change.

In the dialog box that appears, select Quick Repair and follow the prompts to repair your Office installation.


I hope this helps!