Annoying Chart Pop-Up window I can't get rid of

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Why does this pop up when I click on a chart and how do I get rid of it? It follows me from tab to tab and when I scroll. Very frustrating!




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@Duncan580 I would like to know this as well, this is extremely inconsistent with the UI experience since it shows up without being asked for and there is no way to get rid of it. I cannot imagine what purpose it serves because it seems to want me to change the data set for my chart or reformat it when I want to do neither.

Yeah, I have this chart properties pop-up too ("Chart Elements" in my case) and can't get rid of it. Seems like it got triggered maybe by pressing the Ctrl key, but the Esc key doesn't cancel out of it, even when I click on it first.

Has anybody figured out how to get this to go away, short of closing the affected Excel workbook?

And generally, these pop-ups triggered by the Ctrl key make it difficult to use all the standard Ctrl+ hotkey combinations. (In my case I was just using Ctrl+PgUp to move between sheet tabs.) Should at least be allowed to Escape key out of them.
I work with charts a lot, so I get these unbidden flyouts frequently. They don't correspond with any chart on the active sheet, but they seem to align with charts on other sheets. Sometimes clicking on a different cell is enough to dismiss one, but usually I have to select a chart and click one of the floating icons beside it to open a flyout on purpose. Then I dismiss this new flyout by clicking again on the icon or by deselecting the chart, and I am free of the unwanted flyoutds for a short time (usually minutes).
Same here! Very annoying.

Hello, @mpellegatti1992 !


Are you using the latest version of Excel included with Office 365? I have tried to create several charts to reproduce this error, which was reported years ago, and this no longer appears to be an issue.


Make sure you've updated your Office 365 apps if running locally, or even better, use the web experience!


Hope this helps someone,

 - Ed

It still happens, from the earliest Excel 2013 to the latest Microsoft 365 Beta.

@EdHarris Hello Ed, 


   I had this error pop up in my excel 365 today. Do you know how to get rid of this? 


@DRPaquette Try clicking the ALT key or the CTRL key.  Both of these work for me. 

I have been using Excel every day for almost 30 years now.  I have never seen this popup until the last month or two, and it is unbelievably annoying.  I see no purpose to it and it is covering up my data.  I wish that Microsoft would get their head out of my butt and let me do my work.  My biggest impediment to porductivity is Microsoft and their constant changes to the office suit and Windows.  They keep making changes that they think will help people do their work, but they havent a clue as to how real people work.  I wish that they would stop trying to add things to their software and focus on fixing the 10,000 bugs that are already there.