Add multiple sheets of existing excel sheet data in one workbook

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Hi , 

im not sure if what I want can be achieved but Iv 25 spreadsheets all with similar data but I want to create one workbook but have the other excel spreadsheets added at the bottom of my original workbook without having to copy and paste and renaming 25 times. Sorry if I don’t make sense ! 

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Hi @Sadia_Ayaan , 


It is possible to automate this task by using a VBA Macro (if you use Excel on Desktop). I will ask you some questions to we build a solution together:


- Does this first workbook have other worksheets additionally to these 25? If not, the work is even easier. 

- Will these 25 worksheets keep the same name in the new workbook? If not, how will you name them?


If you prefer, you can send a sample Workbook just to I check it in more details. You don't need to share the original file, just a sample with fake data that illustrate how your sheets are distributed.