A help with IF formula

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HI, my first post!. 

I have a cell A:1 where i put in a letter ( A or B), depended of what letter i put in A:1, i am trying to get a grand total in a cell (B:1 for the argument) to either multiply a factor A with B:1 if i put in A in A:1 or a factor B if i put in B in A:1and return the result in a result cell (C:1 for the argument) . 

Have tried with IF function, but always get an error. 

I think its a simple formula, but after several tries, i post it here, to maybe get help from the pro's  



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Maybe with a nested IF formula.



What exactly do you want to multiply with what? Please try to explain more clearly.

Just in case you're confused, as I was.
Note the formula in the picture shows WENN, which is IF in German.

@Quadruple_Pawn That did the trick! thank you for a quick answer. 


I got the answer, but i was trying to calculate to different variables, depending on wich letter i put in a cell, Quadruple_Pawn helpd me on the right track. Thanks all for helping.