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First published on MSDN on Feb 23, 2017

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Deep Neural Networks in Azure: Transfer Learning and Fine-tuning

Deep learning is an emerging field of research, which has applications across multiple fields. We will show how the transfer learning and fine tuning strategy leads to re-usability of the same Deep Convolution Neural Network (DCNN) model in different domains. Attendees will learn about basic deep neural networks, and how to use DNNs in Azure.

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Dive Deep into Small Data with Big Data Techniques

When you have limited resources and big data to crunch in real time, it makes sense to use the cloud. A less obvious scenario is to have data that isn’t very big and the need isn’t for instantaneous feedback—but the only way to get the crunching done in a timely and financially responsible way is to tap the cloud.

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New to machine learning?

If you're just getting started, read David Chappell's Introduction for Technical Professionals

Another great resource is Roger Barga's book, Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning . Read an interview with the author .

Blog: Data Science 101

Explore resources for learning data science with Ryan Swanstrom

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Cortana Intelligence Corner

Helping you navigate the world of the Cortana Intelligence Suite

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Blog: Backyard Data Science

Buck Woody's non-traditional route to learn data science

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