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Dear community

for a couple of days now, I don't see our customers/customers' subscriptions in Partner Center. Placed a support request three days ago but no reply yet. I do have all necessary permissions granted in Partner Center. Anybody else facing this issue? I could not even add a new customer (whole navigation bar and list disappeared)

Any input highly appreciated ;)



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Hi @axperience_gra 


May I ask if you are the direct Partner, Indirect Provider, or Reseller?



@LicensingConcierge1 of course. We’re direct



Thank you for confirming.


I understand that this puts you in a situation where you're unable to sell subscriptions, manage billing, or provide support to your customer.  


In the meantime, I'm sure you're aware that GDAP is replacing DAP.  Therefore, have you checked with the customer to ask if they've made any changes to your privileges on their end? Has your GDAP expired?


If your privileges are current and everything else checks out, you'll need to wait for the support team to response. They're pretty busy, but hopefully that'll be sooner than later.




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@LicensingConcierge1thanks for your inputs. But since I am not even able to add a new customer, I doubt that every single customer did change something on our permissions. I‘ll have to wait for Partner Center Support and hope they‘ll speed up a bit - have been waiting for 6 days without any response

It was a missing permission - sales agent. Don’t know why this one got lost…