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On July 18, 2023, at Inspire, Microsoft provided an update to our partners regarding plans to launch a new Partner Support Services Designation, which builds on the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program solution area designations and further recognizes a partner’s breadth and excellence of support capabilities.


Partners who earn a Support Services designation will be given access to Microsoft tools and resources to enhance their support capabilities. Badging for the designation will help partners differentiate their organizations with customers and in the Microsoft commercial marketplace.


We are opening a limited public preview for partners to get an early look at the Support Services designation, provide feedback and get on the fast track to qualifying when the program is fully available.


Learn more about the prerequisites for joining the public preview and self-nominate using this simple form if all prerequisites are met.  


*The full Partner Support Services Designation Public Preview Presentation is attached below. *



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I attended the SSD information webinar on 2nd May and would like to address some concerns regarding the current approach to the Support Services designation.

During the webinar, it was proposed that CSP customers complete an annual satisfaction survey about their support experience. However, the survey questions seem to lack clarity in distinguishing whether the feedback pertains to our direct support or the combined support experience, including Microsoft’s involvement. This ambiguity could lead to a misinterpretation of the data collected, which is a significant oversight.

@AsherNierman the article above concerns me also. The rationale behind the current strategy appears convoluted. While it’s commendable that Partners earning a Support Services designation will gain access to Microsoft’s tools and resources, I believe these should be made available to all Partners. By empowering every Partner with the necessary tools and capabilities for self-service, we can alleviate the demand on Microsoft’s support system. This, in turn, would enable Microsoft to focus on enhancing its own support services, which could then be offered as a premium option. This strategy not only benefits Microsoft by reducing the support load but also ensures that all Partners are equipped to provide the best possible service to their customers. However, for this to be effective, the quality of support must be exemplary, surpassing the current standards.