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currently I faced a problem that one of document library with a lot of content(20,000+) exceed the view threshold and as a result I can not export the list as a template(even not check the include data option), it will give me the error message refer the list exceeds the list view Threshold.
Now I need to know:
1. whether I can set the Threshold to a greater value by myself like on premise does.
2. How can I export the document library as a template.
Please help.


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As far as I know, there is no way to work around it other than to bring down the number of items per view. In other words, you should reorganize your library/list in such a way that there are less than 5000 items in it.


Take a look at this article:


What you basically can do is reorganize your library. A nice post with some options to do so can be found here;


Hi Justin, if you want to move the content you can only export the files by explorer view and Import the files in a new library by explorer view. If you have a lot of META-data at these files you dont have any limitations. But if you have these META-data only on the fileobject in the document library you will loose that all. Secondly the template function including files have a file size limitation. You can get this Information @ Google or BING searchstring "doc lib template limitations".
What you can do is:
(1) Use a third party tool to be able to export your list and list contents to another location.
(2) Use open source tools such as the PnP Provisioning Engine to export your list structure and import in another location + write some code to move the information from your source document library to the destination one.

@Mike Platvoet I think you mean to re-organize views in the document library....a document library can store millions of documents

@Juan Carlos González Martín Yes, I phrased it a bit awkward, but that was my intent. Thanks!