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we use MS EXCH 2k10 with Postfix frontend and there is a major issue with DNS resolution of domains on Postfix servers. These servers are using BIND 9.9.5 nameservers. Sometimes (and this is interesting, it does happen just sometimes) there are outgoing mails in Postfix queue with this status:


(Host or domain name not found. Name service error for type=A: Host not found, try again)


Just domains does this. Digging this domain ends up with SERVFAIL but after some time it returns NOERROR with correct IPs from this domain. Then I have to manually flush Postfix queue to send this messages asap.


Can you give some advice why this is happening?

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Not an advisor, but our client with an account at have the same everyday repetitive problem.  Some outbound messages during the HELO-EHLO conversations go from servers with names which have not corresponded IP address in DNS records.



I have that issue as well with hundreds of domains. For what I found for now, this could be related to DNSSEC issue. 

On my side I disabled DNSSEC client commands and this changes nothing.

When I dig myself, resolution is fine


For me that looks only postfix related...