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Tom Resing

Want to introduce your employees to the newest updates in SharePoint Online? At, there are 3 new SharePoint Online training courses to help users get up and running. Whether you're onboarding employees or showing them the latest features, these training videos cover basic tasks in SharePoint Online, like how to create and share files in a document library, explore your team site, add or remove a news post, and sync SharePoint files and folders.  


Watch this video to see an overview of the training courses:  

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Big praise coming from the master of Plain and Simple SharePoint! :)

Let me know how you plan to use these and what we can do to improve.

I like the videos in the YouTube channel. Very simple and direct explanations of what the product is and why you want to know more. Very useful for a campaign in Yammer to drive users to the training site. Do you plan to add more?

Thanks @Geoffrey Bronner!

In addition to the videos on the Office Training YouTube Channel, there are more on For example, we added a total of 10 new videos covering SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Online Video Training.png

They all look great, we have to be careful what videos we send people to because our email is still on prem but there is a lot of good content on the new site.

I think the intro videos on the You Tube channel will be useful for advertising the service. We tend to grab material like that and load it in Office 365 Video so we can track views internally when we do a campaign.

Thanks for letting me know, @Geoffrey Bronner

It's great to hear you're actively measuring training consumption internally.

Really fruitful dear! Thanks for sharing!

Great videos...thank you for sharing and helping to increase user adoption of SharePoint online! I saw that the OneDrive team just released a bunch of short videos, too. Great work from the product marketing team!
Very helpful videos for the business users who doesn't understand the technical part of SharePoint... Great Stuff!!
Thanks, David! The modern support and assistance team appreciates the feedback. Thanks for stopping by to visit us in Redmond last week, too.

Thanks for watching and reporting back @Sunny Rajpal!

That's the exact audience we're targeting with these videos.

I'd like to find a video (or two) that shows all of the features of a document library - JUST a document library. The video for "Create and share files in a library" has the upload and share functions, but I want to see more on the details pane, views and copy/move.


We're migrating our classic libraries to the modern view and want to give users a quick tutorial on the changes. I can't find anything that fits my need - even on Youtube.

Excellent idea. Thanks for the suggestion!


By the way, these aren't in video format, but let me know if they help:

One new video added this week, Add web parts


Any plans to add an Embed code to sharing options - so these videos can be added to Modern pages using the Embed webpart ? Currently this is failing using "Copy Link" 



I love the suggestion. It is possible to embed the videos a different way. If you're interested, I can share the detailed steps.

I'm building an Office 365 Adoption site using a SharePoint Communication Site and want each major app page to reference these videos. The simpler and cleaner I make this look, the better for the end user.

For videos like the one above, you can use the youtube link to embed. For others, I may have more to share soon.



Quick, and maybe, a silly question.  I am creating a website for a government entity (county) here in Virginia.  Is it legal to either embed a Microsoft video from a site (e.g., embed a video from Office 365 Video?  My guess is yes, since MS videos are for public consumption, but thought it prudent to ask.  Also, what about graphics, logos, screenshots, steps, etc. that accompany the videos?  The easy way was to just write a blurb on a webpage and point to a training page for a particular video, but thought it better to have folks see the "quick and dirty" on my site, rather than trying to search through mulitple quick start videos.  I pick the ones that my intended audience needs and ignore those they do not need.  Thoughts?

 Thanks much,


P.S. The website is an Office 365 Training website.

Already have it on my site!

Embed away! Helping people learn how to use the services is awhat we’re all about.

Thanks, Tom.  I am trying not to "copy" everything, but I take some ideas from here and there--some folks like to watch the videos and some like to read the steps.  Each site page contains both.  Love to get general FAQs on Delve, Skype for Business, OneDrive, Outlook (Focused Inbox/Clutter), and SharePoint.  For example, when in Delve, there is no way to delete my Recent Documents.  I would hate to give a wrong answer (can't delete), when there may be a solution!

Sadly YouTube is blocked at this particular site

A link to the video on sounds like it would be better than an embed, in that case.

There is a Delve FAQ. Probably better to summarize and link to it rather than copy, as the articles on will be kept up to date as the service changes over time.

@Tom Resing can you share these steps please ?


When you're playing a video, click the More Options menu in the bottom right of the video player, (...), then Share > Copy Link to get a link to the video.

Add an embed web part and use an iframe to embed the video. For example, here's an iframe for the What is SharePoint Online? video.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="" style="width: 980px; height: 550px;"></iframe>

Brilliant, thanks Tom, that works great !


I works great, and I'm seeing customers use Stream to embed videos in modern pages 100x over the classic page UI. Great work @Tom Resing and team! 

I'm looking for SharePoint 2016 (on prem) training that I can share with our end users. Will the SP Online videos suffice, or do you recommend something else?