Announcing Communication Sites on the SharePoint Mobile Apps

Aneetha Jayaraman

We are excited to announce support for your communication sites this week on the SharePoint mobile apps for iOS (version 3.0, released to the store) and Android (version 2.0, released to public beta, general availability in August)! The broad-reach communication sites that you can create in seconds on the Web, are mobile-friendly out of the box.  When you publish a site, page or news post, you can be confident that your content reaches your audience wherever they are, no matter what device they are on. Your communication site looks great on the web, on PC and Mac, on mobile browsers, and in your SharePoint mobile apps. Tap on links within your site to seamlessly enjoy native experiences, where available. The result is a vibrant, interactive, dynamic experience for your site visitors. 


We are eager for you to give it a try and do let us know how it works for you. Tell us how we can make this feature better and more useful moving forward.


Note: Communication sites are rolling out gradually to all organizations. If you can’t create one yet, the update hasn't rolled out to your organization yet. Stay tuned for the update!

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Communication sites on iOS







Communication sites on Android





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Hi Aneetha, I noticed some updates to the Windows Universal app this week. Communication sites seem optimised but can you tell me if anything was updated? Believe it or not some people still use Windows Mobile :-)
Love the look of this, and really enjoying the the foundation the Communications sites are settings...

Though once again my feedback on the roll-out of this is very poor unfortunately...

What a great update!!! 

Aweosme and tons of features in Communiction Sites. I have used it and super excited about its usage. It works great in SharePoint Mobile App as well.

Posted a detailed article on Community Sites in SharePoint Online here.

The new look Communication sites appeared on my Android device SharePoint app today and I agree, they look great on the small screen.

One possible bug, however - when I click on a document library visible as a link from the 'hamburger' menu on the top left it sends me to the SharePoint portal showing all the sites I follow. It doesn't open the library.

This *might* be because my version of the app is still 1.8; v2.0 hasn't appeared in the Play store.

Are the Communication Site Document Stores suppose to work on the IOS App???  None of mine do...

It does work in ios app. I have created a Communication site and added documents, etc. When I checked in ios app, it worked perfectly. Please use the below reference to know more. Communication Sites in SharePoint Online

Version 1.9 for Android is still 'bouncing' SharePoint Communication site document libraries (when you click on them), very briefly via OneDrive, back to the list of sites I follow. This must be a bug as it seems to be trying to ope the library (via OneDrive) but is failing. As a result, currently I cannot open any document library in a Communication site.

Libraries won't open in sharepoint. It tries to connect to one drive and then says "can't display page". Is any one else having a problem?

I have overlooked your reply. Yes, when I click document library it shows option to sync or open in One Drive.

IT seems like it has something to do with maybe the fact this is a communication site and not a team site.  The team sites seem to open in Sharepoint.  Is this just a bug?



@Aneetha Jayaraman can we get an update on Android release, even in the beta program version 2 hasn't been released yet and it nearly 2 months after you said it would be available

Hi Warwick,

Communication sites was released as part of v 1.8 at the end of August and you should have access to it today. We made a tactical decision to increase the version number with a minor bump instead of a major one. This doesn't impact any available or announced functionality. Please let me know if this helps answer your questions.


Hi John,

The Windows phone app does not yet offer app support for communication sites. The previous update was backend focused. Please let me know if this helps.
It does, however, is an update for Windows Mobile on the roadmap? If Microsoft plans to drop support it would be good to know. Currently only iOS seems to be kept really up to date with as @Warwick Ward mentioned Android support lagging somewhat. Thank you for your reply although I don’t think I provided an ‘official answer’. 😉
Hello Andrew,

I believe this might be due to a OneDrive update and or a one time selection from the user to open the links via OneDrive. The OS redirects these links to OneDrive in either of these cases. You can goto app settings for the OneDrive app and clear defaults. Please also update the OneDrive app and let us know if this helps resolve the issue.


My apologies, I kept checking for the v2 release, not realizing it was possible already. thanks.

We were really looking forward to using the Community Site Feature but I am unable to activate it. I was told that Communication Sites were no longer going to be supported. Including the Community Site Feature, is this correct? I looking for options.