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Pinning, Sorting and our roll out - January Update

Miriam Ney ‎01-27-2017 08:05 AM

Sharing - how to keep your colleagues in the loop

Miriam Ney ‎12-15-2016 09:03 AM

What's the big Deal

Welly Lee ‎12-05-2016 09:22 AM

Managing companies with Outlook Customer Manager

Welly Lee ‎11-28-2016 09:23 AM

Getting Started with Outlook Customer Manager

Welly Lee ‎11-21-2016 12:56 PM
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Re: What's the big Deal

Hi,now it is 28th of march, but no iOS App is available for me.Can you again please check the actual status.Best regards.Arno

Re: What's the big Deal

Arno, We are pushing the release of OCM app update until next week -- we are going to send the test flight invitation for new users by mid next week. ...
03-15-2017 02:18 PM

Re: What's the big Deal

Hello,Now it is the 15th of march, I still did not receive invitation or information concerning the iOS App.Can you please have a look to achive a sol...

Re: What's the big Deal

@TOLYMP Turn∙Sport∙Spielgeräte, we are holding off adding more users to the iOS app as we are working on an upgrade to the app. We are starting rollin...
03-01-2017 06:34 PM

Re: What's the big Deal

Hello,you mentioned the iOS App. How/where Can i get it?i write a couple of emails to ocmappsu@microsoft.combut did not get any answer or install-link...