Announcing New File Viewers Available for OneDrive For Business

Stephen Rose

Our vision here on the OneDrive for Business and SharePoint team has always been to give you the best experience for all your files. While you’ve always been able to store basically any file with us, we have been investing heavily in our web viewing technology and now view over 250 different file formats (see below for the full list) in OneDrive and SharePoint!


In the past, if you had native Adobe formats like Photoshop and Illustrator, 3D files, DICOM images, or even some of our own formats like Visio, you would have to resort to a separate viewer (or worse, pay for a third-party solution to manage these files when your organization may already be getting OneDrive with Office 365). Today, we are excited to announce support for these formats, and more.


Last year at Microsoft Ignite, we added support for major Adobe file formats, including Photoshop (PSD) and Illustrator (AI), in addition to our long-standing support for the Acrobat format (PDF). Also last year, we improved our video player to make your experience significantly faster by streaming high-quality videos without requiring them to fully download before playback.






Today, we build on that to add support for 3D formats (3MF, FBX, OBJ, PLY, STL), and this lines up very nicely with what we have previewed in the Windows 10 Creators Update, which is coming soon (more information available here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/upcoming-features). Of course, we are completely cross-platform, so Mac and Linux users get seamless 3D support in OneDrive and SharePoint, all without requiring any browser plug-ins.





If you’re in the healthcare field, we’ve also added support for DICOM images, with much more coming later in the year – letting you view x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and more through OneDrive and SharePoint, which is fully HIPAA compliant by the way (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/TrustCenter/Compliance/HIPAA).





And saving perhaps the best for last, we’ve integrated Visio (VSD, VSDX) viewing as well, making it much easier to share your ideas with the world using OneDrive and Visio together.




When you consider all of this, plus the plethora of other files we support viewing, including Office files (where we support editing and coauthoring across web, desktop, and mobile) to even viewing and editing source code, we hope it’s clear that OneDrive is the place for all your files! We aren’t done of course, and we will keep bringing even more file formats to our viewers in the future and will keep you updated as we do. Finally, we’re eager to hear from you on what formats we should tackle next – either in the comments below, or on our UserVoice site, here - https://onedrive.uservoice.com.



Nicolas Cabeen - OneDrive/SharePoint Program Manager


PS – here’s the full list of file types that we now support viewing online in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.


csv, doc, docm, docx, dotx, eml, msg, odp, ods, odt, pdf, pot, potm, potx, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx, rtf, vsd, vsdx, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx



ai, arw, bmp, cr2, eps, erf, gif, ico, icon, jpeg, jpg, mrw, nef, orf, pict, png, psd, tif, tiff



3gp, m4v, mov, mp4, wmv



3mf, fbx, obj, ply, stl



dcm, dcm30, dic, dicm, dicom


Text and code:

abap, ada, adp, ahk, as, as3, asc, ascx, asm, asp, awk, bash, bash_login, bash_logout, bash_profile, bashrc, bat, bib, bsh, build, builder, c, c++, capfile, cc, cfc, cfm, cfml, cl, clj, cls, cmake, cmd, coffee, cpp, cpt, cpy, cs, cshtml, cson, csproj, css, ctp, cxx, d, ddl, di, dif, diff, disco, dml, dtd, dtml, el, emakefile, erb, erl, f, f90, f95, fs, fsi, fsscript, fsx, gemfile, gemspec, gitconfig, go, groovy, gvy, h, h++, haml, handlebars, hbs, hcp, hh, hpp, hrl, hs, htc, hxx, idl, iim, inc, inf, ini, inl, ipp, irbrc, jade, jav, java, js, jsp, jsx, l, less, lhs, lisp, log, lst, ltx, lua, m, make, markdn, markdown, md, mdown, mkdn, ml, mli, mll, mly, mm, mud, nfo, opml, osascript, out, p, pas, patch, php, php2, php3, php4, php5, phtml, pl, plist, pm, pod, pp, profile, properties, ps1, pt, py, pyw, r, rake, rb, rbx, rc, re, readme, reg, rest, resw, resx, rhtml, rjs, rprofile, rpy, rss, rst, rxml, s, sass, scala, scm, sconscript, sconstruct, script, scss, sgml, sh, shtml, sml, sql, sty, tcl, tex, text, textile, tld, tli, tmpl, tpl, txt, vb, vi, vim, wsdl, xhtml, xml, xoml, xsd, xsl, xslt, yaml, yaws, yml, zsh



58 Replies
Awesome news for SPO and ODFB!! Great job

Good job on this Stephen, but as a demanding customer I want more!


When will visio display thumbnails like other files do ?


When you support .markdown, I think many would expect it to render, not just viewing like a .txt file.



Hi Steven, Visio thumnails and a rich markdown viewer are both on our watchlist, and you should start seeing Visio thumbnails later this year!

Great stuff OneDrive team!  Really killing it lately.


As for other formats.  I know this one is a little tricky because of some historical capability/web service endpoints in SharePoint, but it would be pretty handy to be able to store and then view/read JSON files in OneDrive instead of just getting a "not found" error.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will take it back to engineering. :)

Great news!

How about CAD files?

Oddly enough,  just this week I have had several users asking about the inability to launch/play .wav files directly from SP libraries, but it seems like that's about the only file extension not included in your list. Any chance to get that looked into - it seems as though if video files could be handled, then audio files could too.


Currently, the only viable workaround for users is to open the library in Windows Explorer and play the files from there, or download the files.

CAD files are in the works. :)

Let me share with engineering. Thanks for your post!

Great work guys give yoursleves a pat on the back.


One my customers always seem to struggle with is fillable PDF forms, any way to open fill and save/save as coming to SPO or Edge?

Hi Peter, 


Glad you like the progress! :)


Thanks for the PDF suggestion, we'll look into it!

Thank you Stephen, Let me know if more details are needed about this.
Question: Does this also apply to OneDrive consumer? I can't assume the answer. Thanks.
Does this solve the issue when searching for Visio Files that this trigger a download instead of the viewer?

Great additions!  Is there a roadmap for including AutoCad DWG and SketchUp SKP File support?



Could it be possible to add the support of multpiple Artboards in Ai files?


As now it is possble to create multiple Artboards in a single Ai File, it could be valuable to browse through all those Artboard without opening the file.

As it is possble for a PDF file.

You may notice that now an Ai File is a by default coded as a PDF file (no more an EPS), so to generate the previews of an Ai it should be possible to use the PDF engine...


Many Thanks

Great new feature!


Will there be any way for administrators to opt-out of this new feature for a particular extension? If I work with a lot of AI files I may be more interested in simply allowing a download rather than a preview.


PowerShell perhaps?

Does it mean that all these files will be supported by next version of Office Online Server?



Is it possible to have some more details about the support of FBX files?


I have some which works fine and others which not.

the concern is about the support of textures. Is it mandatory to embed Texture files in the FBX ? or is it possible to use separate files if they lay just beside the 3D file? as it is possible for OBJ/Mtl ?


Embedding texture files in FBX is not so a standard feature in all the packages which support FBX for exporting 3D files.


Many Thanks.

Good progress! 

It appears that, at least for the time being, any shared links for non-logged in users automatically download the file. Are there any plans to embed the viewer for public links as well? This is a very important feature for us as we use those links as Quickbase link attachments, and having to download a file then open it, and doing constant cleanups of the downloads folder, seems inconvenient. 


For comparison, Google Drive shares a link, you click on it (Logged in or not), and it would open the document in an online viewer in a browser tab. 


Can you advise on that please?


Thank you! 

How can I configure SharePoint to display a preview of an msg file in the search results? Currently the mouse-over shows basic properties of the file, but no preview. Clicking on the item downloads it to my computer. 


If I access the document library that contains the e-mail and it is using the modern library experience, clicking the item displays it in the web browser.

@Ivan Wilson wrote:

How can I configure SharePoint to display a preview of an msg file in the search results? Currently the mouse-over shows basic properties of the file, but no preview. Clicking on the item downloads it to my computer. 


If I access the document library that contains the e-mail and it is using the modern library experience, clicking the item displays it in the web browser.

Same is true for Visio files.

Hey @Nicolas Cabeen @Stephen Rose did you sneak out support for rendering .md files recently ?



I have been waiting and waiting for .log support in OneDrive!!!


Now all we need is for Onedrive for Busienss to be able to upload the pictures we take with our work phones and my major complaints will have been taken care of and I will finally be able to get rid of Google Drive.  I really do not like being forced to use Google Drive because for whatever reason you all find it unacceptable that people could possibly use their phone's camera for work.  Is the Microsfot way of life going to colapse if you enable photo uploads for OneDrive for Business?  It's not like the freature doesn't exsist on the nonbusiness version. That feature has been there for years but for some crazy reason you all think it's unreasonable that I (and a lot of others if the feature request thread for this is any indication) want to use OneDrive for Business to upload my work photos, they would be uploaded into OneDrive where my coworkers automatically have access to them??  This would save me a lot of unnecessary work.

Chris, I know for my organisation it would be totally unacceptable to have photos automatically upload. Privacy regulations in Europe would have a very poor view if someone took a photo of their kids and this was uploaded without their direct content to a corporate service. The fines that GDPR could bring mean it's absolutely better to inconvenience users.

Are there any switches or query string params to be able to use the new file viewer in a modal?  Whenever I try it, I get taken to the root document library/parent instead of the viewer showing me the file.  Taking the identical path and putting it in the browser works perfectly however.

Hi @Stephen Rose,


You've mentioned Adobe formats for the viewers in this post. 

What about actually working with these files? I haven't found a way to open/edit images/psd/indesign files from Adobe CC desktop apps.


It's the ability to see a full thumbnail preview of these files with out having a native app installed so you know their content. You will still require a program or viewer to open.
i get that, but I don't see any way to open any other file than office documents in their native desktop application. I only see the download option.

@Peter Whitehouse -- I would be shocked if support for fillable PDFs came around.  That's a big undertaking.... huge in fact, in the browser, not to mention that would directly conflict with PowerApps and Forms.  That said, there's many times a client gives you a fillable PDF and you're expected to fill it out... 


I think if I could get rid of PDFs and printers I would gain 10 years to my lifespan.


Hi @Clint Lechner ,


I have some clients that specialize in wills & lasting power of attorney that use HMRC provided fillable PDF forms every day. They use Foxit Reader to check in/out these forms to save them to sharepoint but every now & again they have issues with saving them back to sharepoint.

Why is there no previewer support for DNG files created by Lumia 950 XL / Windows Phone 10?

No, these are thumbnail prevews only. It allows you to see the content of the files without having to open them to see. Since many Visio and Adobe format files are large, this makes it easier. These are the same viewers coming to W10 Fall Creators Edition. In order to open and edit, you will need a program to do so.

Hi, sorry if I get back to this, but I feel misunderstood :P I'm trying to understand where the current limitation is to edit files directly at the document library level, without creating an offline copy.
In e.g. Word Online, you can select "Edit in Word" - this opens Word 2016 and opens the original file at the document library level, and saves it back directly to SharePoint Online.

In case of non Office file types, like PDF, PSD, JPGs,... there is no "Open in <native application>" option (even if it is installed on the computer). Therefore (without utilizing sync) a user would have to download a copy of that file to their computer, open it manually in the native application, edit the file and save it, and have it upload and overwrite the original file. Correct?
I'm trying to understand if this a current limitation on Microsofts part (SharePoint Library action button <open in native app> doesn't exist) or if other software vendors (e.g.) Adobe have to do something, or possibly both.

In Adobe Acrobats case, I know I can open PDFs saved to SharePoint directly in Acrobat, by adding a Document Library location and then checking out the file and saving it directly back. But there is no way to actually do this from the SharePoint Document Library itself, or is there?

Any updates for file viewers for those in the engineering community?  DWG, DGN, DXF, SHP, SDF and specifically and many other formats used in the engineering world?  Thanks for the update!

I would recommend going to user voice and making that ask. Best way to get those into the pipeline if others have the same need

That functionality would have to be baked in at the Windows level. I will pass this onto Windows engineering.

Cool thanks, I'm actually expecting and improvement on the Windows-side with the fall creators update, since document libraries could be synced locally and therefore the native clients could open the files.

@Stephen Rose -- do you have any documentation on options for the fileviewer URL and options?  For instance, I see  ID and PARENT in the query string.  Anything else?  Any other options for building the link dynamically like a modal option (like the previous IsDlg)?


It would also be helpful to be able to open it without ANY toolbar on the top at all.  In fact, we'd be able to use it modals/windows, anywhere with tremendous ease then.


Thank you, love it so far.  Simply, consistent, fast to load, and very usable!



Great feedback. I will pass it onto engineering but, if you could add it to https://onedrive.uservoice.com as well, that would be great as you can track the progress there.


Thanks again

@Stephen Rose, are there known limitations on when the preview will not be displayed for the supported file types? For example, when we try to preview an .eml file that contains images, we get "Hmm... looks like this file doesn't have preview we can show you" error. Eml files without images open fine online and in a mobile.

any progress made on these

We are constantly adding new viewers and are bringing more of these previewers to our browser and mobile experiences as well as to the Windows desktop.

Keep an eye out on our blog for more updates.



CorelDRAW (.cdr)

Corel PaintShopPro native file (.psp)

What is the current status of previewing CAD drawings?

We are working with the AutoCAD folks to see if they will let us support CAD files. I hope to have more to share on our progress in the near future.

Hello Stephen, thank you for the progress made on OneDrive, still we could greatly appreciate having an AutoCAD file viewer. Any ETA or progress to share?

Ivan, you nailed the issue down. I am missing the feature to open documents directly in the client application and so saving it, saves it back to the library.
we're utilizing the offline sync method to circumvent the problem