Microsoft Upload Center crashing

alexander bontenbal
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So I got a couple of computers on which the users are getting an error about the Microsoft Upload Center crashing when they closing an Office program like Excel or Word. 


Now I already tried deleting the cache, also there isn't any item in the upload center at anytime.

I know the solution from Microsoft says you have to do a clean boot, but that would mean a reset of Windows. I'm don't want to do this, just to fix this error.

At first, I thought it was only a problem when Office 365 was used on Windows 7, but I now also get mentions about it from users with Windows 10, although with Windows 10 it's not always popping up.

I know one solution, that's to rename the process so it won't start anymore. But that's temporal since it's back after Office is updated.


Do anyone know a working solution, without resetting Windows?

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Hello Alex,


It is more of office application subscription issue than the O365 ..


> Open your Windows explorer   

> go to Office 15 folder and locate office cache 


> Go to office update ( select update option) for your office subscription

> update 



> new office cache appears .

> rename the old cache

> Restart your laptop 

Done .. no more errors / crash 


Hope this helps 



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