Roadmap updated for bringing Skype for Business capabilities to Microsoft Teams

Last October, we released our first public roadmap for bringing a complete set of Skype for Business capabilities into Microsoft Teams. Since then, we have made great progress in delivering on this roadmap across calling and meetings. We’ve updated the roadmap to reflect everything we’ve delivered across meetings and calling in Teams. The latest roadmap is available here: https://aka.ms/skype2teamsroadmap.  Additional details about the released and upcoming features can be found on the Office 365 roadmap.


In the latest roadmap, you’ll see updates regarding the following:

  • The release of new calling capabilities in Teams and support for Microsoft Calling Plans.
  • The release of new meeting capabilities, including the availability of audio conferencing in Teams and the ability to join Teams meetings via the web with expanded browser support.
  • The release of capabilities for IT admins including call analytics and Skype for Business to Teams interoperability policies.

In addition to meetings and calling enhancements, we continue to deliver new features in Teams that make it an even more powerful hub for teamwork, such as new ways to use apps, a new app Store, and the ability to customize your personal workspace as well as take quick action with the command box.


Get started today with Microsoft Teams as your hub for teamwork, the single place for conversations, files and meetings.  To learn more about adopting Microsoft Teams, visit http://aka.ms/successwithteams.  To help plan your journey from Skype for Business to Teams, please visit: http://aka.ms/skypeandteams

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Thanks for the updated roadmap, its exciting how this is rapidly coming together and bringing the best of both worlds in one client.

Great stuff. I've been through the roadmap and tracked all the changes. If you are interested in the detail feel free to check it out...







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Hi! Very great news!
I'm set as Targeted Release on my O365 tenant, but until now no Anonymous Join and Lobby found.
Do you know why ?

Specific O365 is needed? 
Thanks a lot

Great updates!


P5 of the roadmap says that "Desktop Sharing" and "Application Sharing" are available now.  However, it's not in parity with Skype.  Desktop Sharing and Application sharing are only available during meetings with audio, which means I can't have multiple desktop sharing sessions going on with peers/customers, since I can only have voice/audio on one of them at a time.  That's a significant reduction in productivity.


Is there a roadmap item to bring parity on this level?

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Hello, at ignite we were shown the new Teams Office365 admin pages.   This allowed for things such as turning on the switch to prompt Skype for Biz users to migrate over.  I don't see that on the roadmap called out.  When are we expecting this?

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How about introducing the possibility of continuous chat in Skype for Business instead of splitting every conversation up. That, and fixing the fact that chats don't show up reliably across devices, as well as an ability to turn off email notifications for missed messages and the app would be perfectly usable.


A nice-to-have would be the ability to call with more than one consumer Skype tenant but it's already better than teams since it still has at least some interoperability which Teams doesn't have, so conducting interviews via Skype or holding meetings with small contractors that do not have business Skype isn't possible.


Instead, as a business we're left in a position of having:


  1. a consumer product we can no longer use because we can't use work accounts with them anymore thanks to Microsoft pushing for domestic accounts only, and it isn't ideal anyway since it can't be centrally managed, or;
  2. a business product that isn't fit for purpose due to missing some of the most basic and essential options that should exist, or;
  3. a business product that isn't ready yet, therefore bloated and clunky, and has no interoperability with consumer Skype whatsoever, or;
  4. to move away from a Microsoft chat system altogether.

Instant messaging has been around since the 90s, why is it so difficult for Microsoft of all companies to get right? The offerings are worse today than they were over a decade ago.

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Will the free version of Microsoft Teams be supporting the ability to record meetings/calls?


Are Skype interoperability features released to the GCC version of Teams at the same time as general commercial release?  Thanks!