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When I enter my value in the cell then press Enter the cursor moves down. I want it to move to the right. How do I change this? I know how to fix it in Windows but not in Mac. OK thank you.

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Hi @Jokeriii 


I don't use Mac but in the Windows app you could try Menu > Options > Advanced > Editing options and change After pressing Enter, move selection...


Hopefully it's in the same or similar spot for you.




Let us know how you go?




Yes, I already know how to do it in Windows.


There is no "Options" or "Advanced" selection on Mac Excel, so no way to navigate to this screen or its equivalent. And the "Search Help" returns no options when I search for "after enter", "move cursor" or anything similar. I don't know how to change these options on Mac. Is it even possible to change?

OK I found out how to do it. On the Mac go the to "Excel" menu drop down, then select "Preferences" and in the dialog box select "Edit". Then you can change cursor behavior after pressing Enter.

Awesome! Great to hear!


Best wishes with your Excel work.




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