Copy/paste no longer working in Excel

Jon Firooz
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Sometime in the last few months the copy/paste function within Excel (Office 365 version) stopped working for me.  I have updated Windows and all Office apps to the latest version but that hasn't fixed the problem.  I've also run the Office 365 


The symptom is very strange.  When I hit Ctrl-C (or use the drop-down menus) on a cell in Excel the dashed lines that surround a cell selected for copying show up very briefly but immediately disappear.  If I go to another cell and paste it just puts a open parenthesis "(" in the cell.  Using Ctrl-X to cut exhibits similar behavior.


If I repeatedly hit Ctrl-C it will occasionally work (the dashed lines remain and I can paste) but it typically takes 15-20 tries before it will work and if I try again it will fail.  This only seems to affect me when I try to copy cells.  If I select a cell and then edit the cell and manually select the content of the cell I can copy and paste with no issue.  It also appears to only be an issue when a cell is not empty.  If I select an empty cell I can copy/paste just fine.  If I select a cell that has been highlighted but has no content that also works properly.  It's only when there's text or a formula in the cell that this is an issue.


This only affects Excel, I haven't observed the issue in any other app.


Any ideas?

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Try starting Excel in safe mode (press the control key immediately after starting Excel, it should pop up a confirmation dialog to ask whether you want to start in safe mode).
If that makes your problem go away, the cause is very likely either an add-in or your personal macro workbook. See: with some pointers as to how to trouble-shoot add-ins.

Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't even know safe mode was an option for Excel.  Unfortunately it looks like that isn't the issue.  I tried starting in safe mode and the same problem exists.  Any other ideas?

Hi Jon,


If you open clipboard (as on picture) do you see what you copied?



Hi Sergei,


No, it shows an open parentheses in the clipboard, not the contents of the cell.



At least clear what happens with dashed border - if clipboard doesn't work it dissappears. 


Google says similar issue appears from time to time, for example (by the way, you are on Mac or on PC?) or here

But i didn't find concrete solution, sorry. I'd start from Office repair/update if that help.

Thanks, I'm using a PC.  I've tried Office repair/update and that hasn't solved the problem.  

Hi Jon,


Under the Home Ribbon, can you expand cell styles.   Do you have something like this..  or are there many many odd formats..


Cell Styles.PNG

Hi Jon,


Under the Home Ribbon, can you expand cell styles.   Do you have something like this?  or are there many many odd formats..


Cell Styles.PNG

Mine looks basically identical to yours.

Ah ok, that's not the issue then. Really strange

Jan, it looks like here clipboard is not locked by any other program. Even if external clipboard doesn't work Excel shall copy/paste within it, you only not able to copy/paste from Excel outside. Something is wrong within Excel.


However, above is only my guess, i could be wrong.

Correct, I don't think that's the case.  I'm not getting an error that the clipboard is locked and the clipboard still functions correctly.  ex. if I edit a comment I can select text, copy, and paste it inside or outside of excel just like I can select a formula in a cell and copy/paste it.  I just can't copy/paste a cell.

Any chance your keyboard has a problem? e.g. if the Escape key is pressed, the clipboard is emptied in Excel when a cell is copied, but not if you copy the text of a comment.

Sorry for the delayed response, for some reason I didn't get a notification about another post so I just saw it when I came back and checked manually.  


It's definitely not a keyboard issue.  I have the same problem at home and at work and regardless of whether I'm using a docking station with external keyboard or built-in laptop keyboard.


Any other ideas?  Excel is basically worthless if you can't copy and paste cells.

I had a similar issue, I copied a selection of rows to the clipboard, then tried to paste in a single cell below where I copied from and got the error "You can't paste here because the copy area and paste area aren't the same size. Select just one cell in the paste area or an area that's the same size, and try pasting again."
It turned out that I wasn't scrolled all the way over, so column A wasn't showing and I was trying to paste the selection starting with column B at the row of the currently highlighted cell. I just needed to scroll over horizontally select the cell in column A, and press Enter or Ctrl-V to paste.

I am in the same boat.


I can copy/paste from Excel, to Excel.

I am unable to copy/past from OneNote to Excel.


This function was working fine a couple of weeks ago, and now it is not. I am also noticing a latency in Excel across all files.



I am also in the same boat. 


Excel in Windows 10 slows down very frequently, even when only 1 workbook with no complex formulas is open.


The copy/paste function for cells is intermittent at best, you cannot copy a formula across multiple cells like you could in the past, and another unrelated issue: you can't delete a column or row that is under a merged cell at the beginning of the column or row like you could in the past.

Hi Jon,


I have the exact same problem on both my surface pro 4 and on my freshly formatted desktop pc.

In Excel 2016, I cannot copy any cells. The dashed lines will show briefly and then disappears.. A copied cell usually have the dashed lines circling it all the time.

When I try to paste, a left bracket shows up. "  (  "


Can anyone help us solve this mysterious problem..?

Hi Jan, none of the methods work.


Below is a sample of my freshly formatted PC and freshly installed Microsoft Office 2016.

What I did was:
1) Select the A cell and press Ctrl+C

2) Select the B cell and press Ctrl+C

3) Select the C cell and press Ctrl+C




As you can see, there is this bracket ( somehow automatically copied on top of the A/B/C selections. This is really weird..

In that case I am out of ideas I'm afraid!

I have had the same problem, complicated by the "excel not responding" issue.  

In an effort to solve that problem, I changed some settings under options.

Well, then my large workbook quit behaving nice.  I would copy a row to one or more rows and all I got was the results from the copy reappearing in the new rows.

Well, that was cured with switching the calculations from manual to automatic.  Fixed the copy paste problem!  Did I feel dumb?  You bet.  I faintly remember using the manual calculation on a large worksheet from 20 years ago...

Now onto the "excel not responding" issue.  I've been trying to dump tons of formatting (color, borders, etc.) and checking for those stray columns/rows that had accidental formatting.  I saw that in one of my searches on google.  It seems to help, except in the process, the message comes up again and sometimes doesn't clear for hours, even overnight.  It's hard to dump formatting if you can't access the file and save your changes.  I have been dealing with recovered files, multiple saves and so on.  Sigh...  I may have to start over with these files and recreate them.  They are great grade calculators, with a sheet for each area (homework, attendance, quizzes, etc.) and pull into a summary page for final results.  Lots of "vlookup" action between sheets.  The fancy formatting with colors, borders, boxes helped to avoid errors with data entry.  I teach large classes (100+) and this has evolved with each graduate assistant, computer, software change over the past 15 years. Probably quite a patchwork job by now.  I might be on the road to sanity if all of this works.

I hope the manual to automatic switch in calculations works for you.  Good luck.    -  Marie



I had the same problem. The only way I could copy cells was text only via the clipboard.

The solution for me was to disable (comment out) all macros and VB content I generated for that particular page. (I use a nifty little bit of code to insert the contents of a cell into the footer of the page.)

I did my copying and once the page was working I removed the comment ticks and everything worked.


Hope this helps..

I have had this same issue in all Microsoft Office products, and I just had the same issue happen in OpenOffice Draw! It seems to happen with a document that I have been editing over and over again. Opening a new document does not seem to help the issue.

Hi all,


I had this same issue and was disappointed to get to the bottom of the page with no answer. 


However, upon saving & closing the most recent workbook I was working on, the copy paste functionality was restored in the new sheet I was working on that lost the ability to copy/paste.


This is really frustrating, but I think all we need to do is be a bit more organized and not leave workbooks open that we're not working on. That's my new protocol anyway. Hope this helps.



I have found the problem with copying from Excel cloud and to a local MAC screen i.e. a multi cell with a value to say notes.


The solution which is not one, but highlights the issue, is that you can double click on a value in Excel and copy from the bar, as below and it works 😩 but if I try and access and copy directly from the CELL it does not work at all, which is the existing problem. Not really a workaround, but does highlight what is going on !!


OK, guys none of these fixes worked for me. This just started for me today. In too different instances. When I copy the formula into another cell from another spreadsheet, the formula shows, but the result in the result from the cell I copied it from. he only that has worked is by going to insert function in each cell to "activate" the formula.  I can't do this for hundreds of rows. How did I break Excel and what can I do to fix it?

I’d recommend that everyone having thus issue goes to File > Feedback and send a frown, putting your details in the section and start it [Can’t Copy Paste]

Also what version is everyone in who’s having this problem ? File > Account

It will read something like
Semi Annual Channel
Build 1234.567
I have the same issue, have not managed to find the root cause as yet but do have a simple workaround that gets it working again!

Open notepad or an email or probably anything else with some text in it , press Ctrl A, Ctrl C, then Ctrl V. then go back to Excel and Copy and Paste will be working again !

This problem is just because you have 2 instances of EXCEL.EXE and you want to copy paste from one instance to another. You can't copy paste values for example. You can see that from your Start Task Manager. In excel 2010 any workbook opened from explorer was opened from the last application opened. In 365 they try but from my experience sometimes fails to open all of them in only one application.

A solution is to open that excel file using File->Open commands inside your application and not double-clicking an excel file from explorer. I hope this helps.


As a novice user I think I have the same problem. I am trying to copy a range of cells in a column to the adjacent column ( ie next month). I used to be able to do this with one mouse operation - select the cell range then move over to the next column and it would copy that range. Now that doesn't work. It changes the content of each selected cell to the first (top) cell. This is definitely something that has changed or a parameter that I've changed but I don't know what.


Hi Ian, are you doing Right Click Copy then moving and doing Right Click paste or something different?

No, it's one seamless mouse operation. I position the mouse on the bottom right corner of the top cell to be selected then move the mouse down to select the required cells, At the bottom cell I move the mouse over to the adjacent column and it should copy the old contents into the new column. Now it copies the contents of the top cell into all the lower cells and doesn't attempt to copy them into the adjacent column. The cursor displays a bold cross and doesn't change shape when selecting cells or trying to move the cells. It used to display a different cursor during this copy operation.

I think you need to highlight first then drag across from the corner


Highlight Then Drag.gif

Hi, That's essentially what I have been doing. It seems to work now so either you fixed Excel over breakfast or it was my finger trouble....

Let's close this for now and I'll see if it continues to work. I had this same problem last month where it didn't work (as you illustrated) but then it did work later. Hope it's not an intermittent problem - they are the worst kind to fix.

Many thanks, Ian


Add me to the list. Some copy/paste function work,some do not. This started recently.  Specifically I was trying to copy formulas from a range of cells to paste into another range. Some cells had formulas, others only had values. When attempting to 'paste formulas', Excel would only perform a basic 'paste' of all the data in the copy-from range, thus overwriting the values in the target range.  I tested with different files on three separate machines. One desktop and one tablet both running Office 365 desktop versions of Excel 2016, and one other desktop running Excel 2010.  Same problem in all.  Their are two common denominators: All three systems are running windows 10 (two running Pro, one running Home), and all the files tested were last modified using Excel 2016. I've tried all the solutions posted here so far - no joy. I did the feedback to MS are requested. Surely hope this get a solution quickly. Productivity is being killed!!

I was having the same issue as the original post, although after reading the thread I realized I had also lost the ability to drag down from two cells containing 1 and 2 respectively and have Excel complete a series: instead, all the cells in the range now had 1...


Copy&paste didn't work in just one specific workbook, let's call it the "failing workbook". I had a few more open at the same time: copy/paste worked fine in all the others. I could even copy in the failing workbook and paste correctly in another one. It was only in the failing workbook that if I selected a cell (or a range of cells), copied them, and as soon as I clicked on a new cell the dashed lines would disapear and there was nothing left to paste.


Same as the original post, I was able to copy and paste the text content from one cell to another.


I am an occasional Excel user: the only thing that was different between the failing workbook and the rest of them is that it contained macros. I don't fully understand the code, I copied it from a googled example and adapted it to my particular needs. The macros I copied count the number of coloured cells in a range. 


While writing this reply I tried duplicating the file and removing the macro module on the copy.

Copy&paste worked immediately after. 

After this I looked into the macros and saw that I had pasted the following code in the ThisWorkbook option:


Option Explicit


Private Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)

    'Uncomment the next line if you want to make Excel recalculate the ActiveSheet every time the Selection changes
End Sub

So I did comment back the ActiveSheet.Calculate line, and copy&paste worked once again !!


Maybe for folks who are having the issue in any workbook, the problem could be triggered by having a start macro with some command such as the line I showed...


The dragging issue must be another problem because it seemed to happen in all my workbooks, not only in the failing one. However after closing Excel and reopening just the failing workbook, dragging 1,2 to get a series was once again working, both in the failing workbook and in another fresh one I opened. 

I could not get it to fail again...


I hope this helps somebody at Microsoft look into both issues...

I got mine to work... (copying from Excel to Smartsheet (Safari)


I used paste and match style from the Edit Menu when CMD-V would not work...

I hope they can fix this but in the mean time this was my work around:


1.  Make Clipboard visible under Home tab

2.  Highlight what you would like to copy / paste and you will see it show up in clipboard

3.  Select the cell where you want the info to be pasted on 

4.  don't press Ctrl+V, instead press the actual item on the clipboard menu and the items will be pasted on the selected cell. Note: it will be pasted without formats. 


Again if someone else can figure out this issue that would be great, but in the mean time these steps have worked every time. 



I had this very same problem. I tried to copy and paste from a word document onto excel but wouldn’t work. Right clicking also didnt work as the drop down only appeared for less than a second and disappeared again. So I opened the clipboard and saw that i had 24 items of the same one in the clipboard. Tried to Clear All but to no avail.

Anyway, i did this. I clicked on an empty cell. And on the keyboard, i pressed Escape. And that fixed it. That’s it! And i almost bought a new computer! Glad I didn’t! Phew!

This worked for me-going to the clipboard. Thank you!

I've had similar issues in the desktop version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.  I first noticed that Excel would not drag-and-drop from cell to cell. I couldn't paste in, any capacity, within a workbook either. However, I could copy from Excel and Paste to another program(BluBeam/Adobe), just not another Office program. Which lead me to discover the problem existed across all the Office programs I had open.


I closed ALL Microsoft Office programs and re-opened them and the copy-paste functionality returned for all of them.

I've just come across this issue in Excel on a colleague's computer, running Windows10.

What we found as a workaround was that selecting the required range, holding Ctrl and dragging the entire frame from workbook A to workbook B successfully copied the range. It helped that we were working on a dual screen.

Normal copy & paste, using either Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V or right click did not work. As soon as we clicked on workbook B, the dotted lines from workbook A disappeared and the paste function reverted to pasting some text that had been copied elsewhere earlier in the day.

I'm on the same boat as jervis. every time I do Ctrl+C, the Ctrl+V result is always opening parentheses "(". The funny thing is that it also happened on LibreOffice Calc. So I suspect it's not MS Excel problem.

Clearing the Clipboard content sometimes helped, but not all the time.

Any clue?

Whoa. Looks like this issue is going on since last October, with no resolution offered from Microsoft! I have the same problem. So far I was dealing with the annoying "There is a problem with the Clipboard..." message -- even if Excel 2016 was the only open program on my Windows 10 Pro PC at that time. Today, I find that even drag-and-drop copying is not working as expected. To be sure, the drag and drop works, but the selection and the cursor become non-responsive for several seconds. The only way I can get them to respond seems to be either click on another Excel file, or click on the Preview in the taskbar to get back to the same file.

The repair of Office programs did not work at all, and so far on my computer, this weird issue is restricted to Excel 2016 only (Version 1805; Build 9330.2087 Click-to-run).

I was having the same issue and found the below fix that worked for me, 2nd post from Gary McMaster.

This did it for me, Im glad it was simple. Click on empty Cell and press ESC a few times and try again. 

@Pg. Hj. Sahril PB wrote:
I had this very same problem. I tried to copy and paste from a word document onto excel but wouldn’t work. Right clicking also didnt work as the drop down only appeared for less than a second and disappeared again. So I opened the clipboard and saw that i had 24 items of the same one in the clipboard. Tried to Clear All but to no avail.

Anyway, i did this. I clicked on an empty cell. And on the keyboard, i pressed Escape. And that fixed it. That’s it! And i almost bought a new computer! Glad I didn’t! Phew!


Amazing. This worked for me. I had the copy and paste problem starting just recently. I open a blank excel file, type something in a cell, copy and then try to paste the cell elsewhere on the same sheet. After a few seconds excel is gone, closed down. I tried many of the solutions offered but nothing works. I even uninstalled office and reinstalled it. Same problem. I was skeptical whether this would work but after opening a blank TextPad file, typing something in it, then selecting it and pasting it twice back in the same file, the excel file was able to copy and paste. Does this show the problem has something to do with the clipboard?


Now when I try to duplicate it, it doesn't work any more. So strange.