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When I use Translate in Word and hit Insert, then incorrect text is inserted into the document. More specifically, I select a word (or more), and choose Translate. The selected word appears in the From window, and a good translation appears in the To window. When I hit Insert, some other text is pasted into the document.

I am using Office 365 MSO (16.0.12624.20278) 64-bit and translating from Russian to English. I did exactly the same thing on a different document a few months ago and it worked, and produced very good results.


The problem is sporadic and seems to work better today than yesterday. Repairing Word, changing the batteries in my Bluetooth mouse, and restarting the PC all had no effect.

This looks very much like a problem in the interface between Word and the cloud service that does the translation. When incorrect text it inserted, it sometimes looks like an alternative translation and sometimes it's just mixed up. I have created a little Word file to reproduce the error, but don't see a way to attach it here, so I'll just copy it into this post.



Russian text:


удовлетворяют равенствам


Translation into English:


meet equality


but selecting Russian text and hitting Insert leads to


satisfyingequals withtweein

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This was originally reported on answers.microsoft.com, and I also submitted it via File/Feedback/Send a Frown, and it has been accepted by support, so I expect that a fix will be made.