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Hi folks,

I have an issue with Word 2019 when I save the file as pdf.

This huge word file (around 600MB) contains many songs (title - as word style, lyrics, chords and images for scores; no issue here). I have also a word-automatic alphabetic index at the beginning (no issue here).

After all songs, I have an appendix consisting in many tables where the songs are hyperlinked (as title or bookmark, for fast searching while playing); fist part is "endnotes" (tables of songs related to their subject - the subject gets its own word style for the main index), second part is "executions archive", which is divided for year and circumstance (other own word styles).

The issue is the following, only inside the "endnotes": since I need to visualize the songs on a tablet, I want it as pdf so I save it as pdf but as soon as Word tries to elaborate the "fields" - before print in pdf - some hyperlinks, at the end of the printing process, get a return character - inside the tables, someothers different style (bigger characters) so the tables get mixed up.


I tried with macro and a word style to restore the proper character size and it seems it worked out.

But for the random "return" character I don't know how to manage it. Since sometimes I modify the songs, I thought to do again hyperlinks in endnotes, but it didn't solve the issue.


Any suggestion?

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Is this Word for Windows? If the formatting changes inside table cells, the first thing you should do is verify that the font formatting stored in the Normal style matches the corresponding settings for the document defaults. 


In the Styles pane (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S), find the Normal style, click the arrow on the right of the entry and choose Modify. Verify that the settings are what you want. 


While the Styles pane is active, also click the Manage Styles icon and go to the Set Defaults tab. That is the location where you can access the document defaults, and they should be matching the corresponding settings of the Normal style. 


Once you have made these changes, font formatting inside table cells should "behave."