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I have a 90 page document in word 365 on a sharepoint. All of a sudden my table of contents are not being updated. I can't see anything out of the ordinary that would cause this to happen. I tried copying the text (and images) into a word document. When I do that I lose all my headers formatting.  


I then tried removing the table of contents and adding it back in. It won't let me delete it... what am I missing? help...please....

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Are you editing the document online or are you opening it in a locally installed, full version of Word?

@Stefan_Blom  I tried with both. The online version, downloaded the file then opened it in word. When that failed I copied and pasted it in word. 



Recent versions of Word on the Web can be used to insert and update a (simple) table of contents, so the functionality is supported. 


If you are saying that copy & paste into a new document worked around the issue, the problem could have been with the document itself (it may have suffered from minor corruption).

to be honest as silly as it may sound I never thought of a corrupt file. that would make sense. Sadly only one thing to do. copy it in note pad or something and re format the document.
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Converting to plain text format will of course remove all corruption. However, it is a drastic step which may require a lot of reformatting afterwards. 


If you ever see something similar in the future, try copying all the content, minus the final paragraph mark (¶) of the document, into a new, blank document and see if it overcomes the issue. 


To show/hide nonprinting marks (including paragraph marks), click the ¶ on the Home tab.

No Clue why that worked but it worked right away! Table of contents is now updating properly. @Stefan_Blom you totally made my week.



I'm glad you got it sorted. :)