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Is it just me, or is the functionallity of the 'Sites - Company' location in Backstage in office 2016 severely limited?


It would seem that you can only have one location there per 'account', and that location is the default sharepoint online site for that account, plus any recently visited sites (which can be pinned).


I want to have a number of locations here for the project or team sites that I need to access, and ideally I'd want to prepopulate these for users.  Is this at all possible? 

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till now you are right i hope they will change this
@Lloyd Adams, not sure what you need to have here, when I click a site it shows me the top location of the SharePoint site. If I click it, it opens a file explorer (Open File) box that displays the contents of that site. I can navigate to the document library and browse it. The only thing that I think is not really fancy is that it opens in an Explorer box. It seems more user friendly to have the contents displayed in the area next to the list of locations.