Remove slide icons and expand/collapse from Word.doc created from Powerpoint Outline.

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I exported a PowerPoint Outline to a pdf then exported the pdf to an MS 365 Word.doc.

The sections of the Word.doc have an expand/collapse function and slide icons carried over from PowerPoint. I can remove the expand/collapse functionality with the ‘Clear all formatting’ button in my toolbar, but the icons will not erase in Print Layout view and I can’t find how to delete them. See attached screenshot.Screenshot Word doc.png

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Using the Find and Replace dialog box (Ctrl+H), you can search for ^g and replace with nothing. You can use the Replace All button, but note that doing that will remove all graphics in the active document.


Thank you for relying to my query Stefan. I tried the ^g and 'Replace All' solution and it worked once for the first slide icon, but I could not get it to remove any more icons.

It says 'All done. We made 1 replacement.'.

When I try 'Replace All' again it says 'All done. We made 0 replacements.'?



How did you create the outline, specifically? And how did you import it into Word? 


If you want to, you can share a sample document which illustrates the issue, and I'll have a closer look.

Thank for getting back to me Stefan, I have found a solution that works. Best, Mark.



I'm glad you got it sorted. 


For the possible benefit of other people looking for assistance, how did you fix the issue?

Home ribbon>Editing>Select> Select Objects
Highlight all slide icons on page
>press Delete