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Is it possible to add spacing to my Footnote style rather than doing it one footnote at a time?

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Yes, you can add some Spacing Before (or Spacing After) to the Footnote Text style.


If you are running Word for Windows, you can make use of the Apply Styles pane. Display the pane by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S, type in Footnote Text and click Modify. To access paragraph settings, click Format and then click Paragraph.

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Great! Thanks so much. Now can you tell me how to auto insert a space after the footnote number?



Word adds a space character after the footnote number in the footnote area. Perhaps you are referring to something else, such as a tab or even a hanging indent? 

Oh, I should have said endnote number in the endnote area.



You can reformat the Endnote Text style, if you wish.


Note that if you are indeed trying to create a hanging indent, some manual "intervention" will be required, unfortunately. Word does not add the tab character following the endnote number automatically. Instead, the program adds a space character (as it does for footnotes).

If the Endnote Text file automatically adds a space character, I must have inadvertently changed it because I am definitely not getting it. How can I fix it? Modify Style (Endnote Text) > Format > ??



How are you adding your endnotes?


Typically, Word will add a space character following the number, in the endnote area, as you insert your endnote. 


For example, if you press Ctrl+Alt+D to insert your endnote, the insertion point moves to the endnote area and a number and a space is added. You can then type your text. See screen shot below.



Ah! That works. I have been using References > Insert Endnote. That method does not add the space. Thanks for your help.



Thanks for the follow-up. I'm glad I could help.