Page Numbering Question

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I have a problem with page numbering that I am wondering how to fix! 


I am trying to start numbering on a specific page, the first page of my introduction, and maintain that as page 1 throughout the creation of the document. I am making a table of contents prior to this page, and I expect the table of contents to eventually span 2+ pages, which means that the pages ahead of it would obviously change in their physical numbering, but I want that first introduction page to remain page 1. How do I accomplish this? I would really not like to spend a ton of time reordering my table of contents. Thank you! 

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Insert a Next Page Section Break between Page Containing the Table of Contents and the start of the Introduction and access the Header or Footer of the Section after the Section Break and unlink the Header\Footer as the case maybe from that in the Previous Section and Insert the page number (ALT+SHIFT+p). Then, access the Page Number Format dialog by selecting the Format Page Number item from the Insert Page Number dropdown and set the page numbering so that it Starts at 1.



If you want page numbering of a different format in the pages before the Introduction, such as i, ii, iii, for detailed instructions, see: