Minimal size of collums

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I'm using Word Online and y
esterday I opened my documents and suddenly found that the vertical columns are much larger than they were before. And the same in all my hundreds of documents this format... I supposed that the developers made that the vertical columns couldn't be less than 0.7 mm (conditionally), whereas before they were about 0.2 mm minimum. This is outrageous! I have all the documents now moved out, because they all mostly consist of tables and each one has several vertical columns of minimal size.

This is how it was before:




And this... is how I found it yesterday:


and can't do anything with that, because left column is like blocking me ability to do it smaller.
Was it bitten by a bee?

Can somebody tell me what happened I what can I do with it? 

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Is there something unusual about the affected documents? For example, are they using a different font compared to those documents that behave normally? 


I take it the issue is only in Word Online, not if you open the documents in the locally installed version of Word?