Locking floating text box locations in word

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I have floating text boxes in a word document. I want to lock/anchor the test boxes so they do not move at all. I still want to be able to edit the text in the boxes. I have the latest version of word working on a MAC system.


Thank you in advance for any help.


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In Word, you can't really anchor a text box to a specific page, if that is what you are trying to do. Text boxes will always move when the surrounding content moves.


To be more precise, a text box will always be on the same page as the paragraph containing the text box anchor. You can still set the position of the text box relative to the page edges, if that helps. Use the Layout dialog box to set the exact values for position. See screen shot.

Hi Vafa,

Floating text boxes are difficult to keep in place indeed. Stefan's answer (text box placement relative to page) helps.

Sometimes a floating table instead of a text box is useful, because it is more difficult to - accidently - move it around. But here also: a table is connected to a paragraph (although I still have not found out to which) , so when the paragraph moves to the next page, the table will also.


Regards, José