Justify a line of Latin language text

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Hello. In Word, I have been trying to justify lines of Latin language text to copy an existing text. This text also has numbered lines (every 5 lines) with grammatical commentaries referenced to the line numbers.

My problem is that in tinkering with the margins, it never works out quite right. Using Shift-Enter, I can choose the words that should be on each line, but then the spacing between words is too loose in places.


Any hints as to how I could make this look better?


I work in the Mac version of Office 365, but also have Office 365 on a Windows 10 machine. Both are updated to the latest versions.


I have attached an example page of the text I am trying to mimic.

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Hello @faszikam ,

not sure why you want to have a new doc look exactly like the old one, but if the typography is important, you'll have a very difficult job as first and foremost you need to find the most fitting font and fix its spacing and size to match the original. I've tried that once for my academical paper, and it was a nightmare.


If it is not important, there are many ways around it, Let me know if you are interested in the workarounds. Lenka



If you just want to reproduce a small fraction of a document, maybe you could take a screen shot and insert the screen shot into the new document. Of course, that won't work if the text must be editable.