Inhibit text editing while drawing?

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I prefer to use Word as my go-to drawing app on my Surface Pro, since the save files are portable and not inconveniently tied to a cloud service. For the most part, this works great--I've disabled the on-screen keyboard from appearing automatically, and "Draw with Touch" is turned off. However, occasionally, I'll touch the screen with some part of my hand that's holding the pen before I start drawing a line, and Word interprets this as a request to place the typing cursor, which always results in the view moving, and sometimes results in my previously-draw lines moving due to some text-wrap logic.


Is there some way I can inhibit text editing, and yet still allow for the use of the Draw tools? I've tried File>Info>Protect Document>Mark as Final and >Restrict Editing, but these also prevent use of the Draw tools (despite me allowing "Comments" in the "Allow only this type of editing in the document:" drop down in the "Restrict Editing" dialog).

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