I want to open WordStar4 document with Word

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Hi, many years ago (about 2001) I was able to open "WordStar4" documents in "Word" using a text converter (wdsupcv.eve), but with all the changes to "Microsoft Office" and "Word" I no longer have the converter and I can't therefore open my old "WordStar4" documents. Can anyone suggest a way of opening this type of file ? Best case would be that I could then save it to "Word", worst case is I could print it and then scan it to a PDF file. Many thanks, Mike

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Hi @mikejhayes 

Follow these steps:

Opening Wordstar Files in Microsoft Word
Step 1
Download the WordStar converter pack for Microsoft Word (a link is provided in the Resource section). Save the file, which is labeled wdsupcv.eve, to your desktop and double-click to open it.

Step 2
Open the directory containing text converters by running this string: "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Textconv." Run the string by clicking "Start" and then "Run" in older versions of Windows. Paste the string by right-clicking and selecting "Paste." Then select "Run." In Windows 7, click "Start" and paste the string in the box entitled "Search programs and files." Do not click "Search"; wait for the folder titled "TextConv" to appear and double-click it.

Step 3
Copy and paste the files from wdsupcv.eve into the directory. With your mouse, drag and left-click over the files. Once highlighted, right-click and select "Copy." In the directory, right-click and select "Paste."

Step 4
Locate the old WordStar text file, right-click it and select "Open As." Select Microsoft Word to open the file.



I hope this helps!




Hi and thanks for the reply. Unfortunately your reply didn't include a "resource section" (Download the WordStar converter pack for Microsoft Word (a link is provided in the Resource section)) and I have tried everywhere to get a copy of the converter pack (wdsupcv.eve) but to no avail. Can you send me a link to it, then I can follow the rest of your instructions. Thanks

@mikejhayes can you solve this? i don can found wdsupcv.eve :(



This simply does not work in Word 11

Where is this famous resource section in Word 11


Unfortunately I never did get a reply from Abigail (who originally replied to me question) with the link. I managed to find a free on-line converter  which I use instead. It's a bit more work, but it works.

What's it called, please? I keep finding things that tell me to download Java and then enter blah-blah. That's not in my skillset right now.

@jxshannon2 Take a look at the following page of Graham Mayor's website






This looks great - I'll give it a try - Many thanks