Getting a Blob with Section Breaks

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I am frequently getting blobs like this when I insert breaks into a document. The actual break is in the wrong place and text is obscured. Is there any solution to this? Word for Mac.


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Hi Big Jim,


A sample file rather than a screenshot would be helpful. Here's how to do it without sending private information. Why a sample file is important for troubleshooting - - - - - - - and how to do it. 


What is your Word version (release number)?

What is your Operating System release?


I am not seeing anything in your screenshot that screams out the need for section breaks.

Nor am I really seeing the "blob" you are mentioning.

When to Use Section breaks in Microsoft Word


If you are talking about a large blank part in your document, the following may help explain it:

Improving the Bottom Line by Suzanne Barnhill, MVP


The giant gray thing is the "blob" is where the section break was entered. It covers up some of the text. I have seen it frequently since "upgrading" to V16.

I need the section break because I have a 750 page document that consists of subdocuments where the footnotes need to restart and I have places where I need to switch back and forth between landscape and portrait. I have Word 16.69 and Mac OS 13.2.

@Big_Jim_Slade You mention subdocuments. Are you using the Master Documents "Feature"?

If so, I urge you to read Master Documents "Feature" in Microsoft Word. The blob may be an artidfact of the Master Document view.

@Charles_Kenyon No, I am not.


Can you save a pared-down version of your document that displays the problem on OneDrive and post a view link here?

Why a sample file is important for troubleshooting - - - - - - - and how to do it.