Footnotes/endnotes in square brackets

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Dear All,

I need to insert footnotes/endnotes in MS Word in square brackets: [1], [2], and so on.

Do you know the solution? Of course, it is important that when I insert a footnote/endnote between [1] and [2], the footnote/endnote [2] becomes [3].


Could you help me?





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There is no built-in option to accomplish this. If the document is complete, you can use Find & Replace. For footnotes, specify ^f for "Find what" and specify [^&] for "Replace with." Then run a Replace All.


Similarly, use ^e and [^e] for endnotes.


Beyond that, you need a macro that intercepts the standard behavior of footnote/endnote insertion.

Thank you @Stefan_Blom . You helped me a lot. It's a pity there is not such a format available in MS Word.


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Thanks for the feedback. Footnote and endnote numbering formats are not very flexible in Word, as you have noticed.