Excel link does not work in a word document saved at onedrive

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I have a word document with some links to excel workbooks. The update process between excel and word was working properly until I started do save these files in One-Drive. 

I've checked the excel links in the word document and they appear ok. But when I try do update (forced, because the automatic process does not work) I receive a message of server authorization problem.


Could someone help me with what to do?


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Are your both files stored on a similar location?

Are both having a full read/write permission?


Thank you


If you are working on Microsoft office 2016 or 2019 Synchronized your office with one drive so that your files are updated
Hi Kdiniz: I was doing something similar, the way round my problem was to double check everything that all is correct, then synchronized your system with one drive and try to repeating the action again, if you are successful great you have done it, give yourself a pact on your back; if not make sure they are not stored in the same location or similar location and that both have write/read permission, hopefully this will resolve the issue; thank you for taking time to read this feedback of your request for assistance ; signed 3409Mac
can you please post the server authorization problem message you receive
I can confirm that the problem you're describing is REAL and that you are not doing anything wrong. None of the suggestions/solutions offered by other people here are any good; I've tried them all and they make no difference. Although linking from Excel to Word documents has worked well in the past, Microsoft seems to have completely broken the process with OneDrive. When you paste the link (from the Excel segment) into Word, it stores the link NOT as a regular file link but instead as a OneDrive URL. If you save the Word file and re-open, Word gives an error that the link cannot be updated. I've struggled with this for several days and tried everything I can think of, nothing helps. It appears to be a bonafide bug in the new (post OneDrive) implemention of linking. If you move the Excel file to a non-OneDrive location, the linking works properly and as it always has.
That's true @Ty_Griffin.
I think the problem is related the was the office apps save the location path of the embedded files when using OneDrive. Any way, unfortunately, I've given up using OneDrive when I need to use embedded files...