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I have some docs from a company that will not print properly, either to my hp printer or to M print to pdf. The headers get huge and will not fit properly on the paper or in the pdf file.   I have had others print the document without issue.  I have Microsoft 365.  Is there a setting I am mission or other issue that would cause this?  Here are a few screen shots, the first of the doc in the word window and the second a sreen shot of the pdf print.  Thank you.


Screenshot (438).pngScreenshot (439).png

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It does not appear that the 72 SOLD graphic is acually in the Header of the document, which is where it should be, with its layout set so that it is "In-line with text"

If you cannot sort it out, upload a copy of the document so that we can take a look at the issue.



Hi Doug,   Ok Thanks.  the headers are on the background of the document.  Their previous versions all seemed to work, I do not know what they changed, but in any case it beyond what I have been able to troubleshoot.   How can I get you a cop of the doc?   

@JIm_igo380 Click on the Open full text editor link


and you will see





I keep getting "The file type (.docx) is not supported."




Doug  here is a DB link



@igo3801920 While the issue was not as pronounced here, the image in the header did increase in size when printed.

By reconstructing the document, omitting the final ¶, the issue was overcome and the reconstructed document and a pdf created by using the Microsoft Print to PDF printer are attached.

Thank you Doug! appreciate the help. This was kicking my butt....Jim