Bulleted List format Changed Between Devices

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Yesterday I was working on a Office 365 Word doc stored in One Drive on one computer where I created a bulleted list using the "normal paragraph style. Everything worked as expected.

Today I opened the same document on a different computer and the bulleted lists now add extra line spacing between the bullets like I added "space after paragraph". I have not tried to go back to the other computer yet to test but I will say that I have used this same template for 4 other documents now and the bullets have always been as expected until today.

I know how to put them back manually with format painter or by removing the "space after paragraph" from all but the last bullet but I want to know how to fix this for all future bulleted lists I create. 


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Create (or apply) a style Bulleted list, and in its paragraph formatting, check "Don't apply space between paragraphs of the same style".
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T@Hans Le Roy Thank you! I'll give this a shot.



Note that bullet and numbering formatting may not display properly in the online version of Word, unless you switch to the reading view.